Day 31: Sacramento Area to Bay Area

It was another brutal day in and around Sacramento. But I diligently banged away at the list and have arrived in a much more pleasant place on earth. Cool and breezy in Lafayette tonight! The dogs and I are much relieved. Tomorrow should be all coastal as well. Sparkle held up well despite the abuse of temperature and traffic. I don’t know why I haven’t seen more overheated cars on the side of the road in the past few days. The people look ridiculously comfortable walking around and riding bikes in that scorching weather as well. I guess all things (people, animals, and cars) just get used to it.

Here’s the crew in Chico early in the day, before it got hot:


In Gridley, someone went to the trouble to put this tractor way up on a pole. It’s a used car lot below now. Maybe “Liberty Inc.” was a tractor sales and/or repair place before (this is farming country).


I imagine this sign in Sacramento had a lot more detail and neon once upon a time. Still, I’m glad that at least the shape has been reused. Does anyone know what this used to advertise?


This much smaller guy in Sacramento, only about two feet long, is hanging in there. I think the Delux Barber Shop is now gone (windows covered). The other side of this sign doesn’t have any neon at all:


Four of Sacramento’s finest. Horsie #1 was impatient about being photo-ed I guess. That’ll teach me to take more than one photo for subjects that can move.


From Pleasant Hill: a memorial from 1927 that pays tribute to the Contra Costa County soldiers that served in World War I. I’m not much into memorials or war stuff — but I liked the Art Deco styling of this one (and of course the “spikey” on top).


And, lastly, a nice little shopping center sign in Lafayette that has managed to escape updating and renaming. There’s so much to love about the sign: its three-sidedness both above and below, the gold poles, the ballies, the lantern/clock, and that little bit of neon.

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