Day 25: Southcentral & Southwest Oregon

Today was another busy and hot day (bank clocks announced low 90s most of the day). Blue skies though and I found lakes and rivers to keep the doggies cool during breaks. Tomorrow won’t be nearly as productive as there will be long, long stretches of nothing between stops — but for stuff that are Must Sees. I’ll be heading back north and then along the Coast. I’m optimistic that I can finish up Oregon tomorrow — but I just did some Mapquest estimated distances between some of these stops and it doesn’t seem possible. Especially with time-consuming multiple crossings of mountain ranges.

In addition to the blackberries, there are lots of stickery plants around all parts of Oregon. What appears to be a safe yellowed grassy field for Nik to chase ballies in, very often proves otherwise when he freezes in his tracks and I have to go over and remove little thorns from his pads. The girls are much more careful about watching where they step. Grip likes to sniff bushes because that’s what she prefers to pee on and more than a few times she’s yelped as something sharp has poked her in the nose.

Only a few blog photos today and I’m trying to rattle this one off tonight rather than letting the post drag over til the morning. I want to get rolling before the sun comes up for the next stop which is two hours away. I hate wasting daylight hours on the computer when I could be shooting.

In Rice Hill, the K-R Drive-in has a fun sign. I love depictions of burgers and a triangular support is much nicer than just a simple pole. Just across the highway, there is a great complex of A-frame restaurant & motel rooms. Perhaps this sign’s A-frame-ish base was designed by the same owner or builder.


Also in Rice Hill, this hand-made Michelin Man:


A cute sign in Grants Pass:


A huge painted wall sign in Grants Pass advertising for Bull Durham. The “Owl” lettering I believe was for Owl Cigars.


And lastly, in Klamath Falls a beautiful building with great details:

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