Day 17: Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA

Yesterday morning, I finished up with the Canada list. Lots of neon signs and a few other things. Here’s one neon sign in Vancouover that won’t make it to the website. I thought it was pretty neat and reminded me of those “head shops” from long ago. The sign was lit the night before:


This building in Vancouver had an incredible arched entrance:


I had a couple other stops in Canada — an incredible carousel in Burnaby and what turned out to be only a so-so Streamline Moderne building in New Westminster. Then, I was all set to get going in Seattle. But the border crossing was horrendous. It was at least two hours mid-day Saturday. A woman at a convenience store just over the border, finally, said it is sometimes five or six hours. I really don’t get what was taking so long. For me, it was a couple quick quenstions and barely a glance at my dogs’ paperwork and my passport. I did take this one photo while waiting in line — a lot of reflection off the paperwork on my dash — but I’ll include it anyway.

This guy was doing a booming business working the line of cars. He had two stacked coolers filled with water and ice cream. He passed out laminated poster-sized signs to cars filled with families to make their choices.


Once we finally got to Seattle, I only had a couple hours of shoting time left. Nothing bloggy during that time. Then we went to a dog park in Seattle to round out the day. It was huge with good fencing and a beach. Some decent-sized waves on Lake Washington and Nik wowed the crowds with his fearlessness for da ballie. But away from the water, Nik and Grem were way too occupied by whatever critters were on the other sides of the fencing. Grem found a hole at one point and luckily I retrieved her pretty quickly before she took off. But then she was obsessed with digging at the base of the fencing and nearly dug through a couple times. Too stressful for me. Everybody got lots of exercise which was good after being stuck in the van way longer than normal. Here’s a link to what you’ll find at Magnuson Park’s off-leash dog area:

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