Day 14: Eastern & Central Washington

Another perfectly wonderful day. Many, many miles — most of it farmland and more desolate looking areas. Parts of it reminded me of central California with the rolling, grass-less hills and desert heat. There were lots of jaggedy rock faces mixed in with big lakes.


The dogs got lots of running, sniffing and water time. The wake in the foreground here was created by Nik chasing down his ballie which is just ahead of him to his right (bright orange).


And here’s a shot of Grem who’s swimming back from retrieving some Goldfish crackers:


In Grand Coulee, there was a great bit of roadside folk art. There are about 100 whirligigs made from all kinds of stuff.


The Bamboo Shoot restaurant in Ephrata had a nice sign and interesting building:


Also in Ephrata, I couldn’t resist shooting this restored car. I’ve always loved the name “Duster” — maybe I’ll name my next van after this. Lime green is also one of my favorite colors.


Loved the name of this supermarket in Ritzville:


And lastly, I noticed this at the Howard Amon Park playground in Richland, WA. This climb-able rock with hand-holds sure seems a little high-risk to me give our liability-obsessed culture. Even though there is mulch below, the kids could still land pretty hard or bang themselves on the rock on way down. Some idiots might even try jumping off the top or pushing a pal off. The big climb-able fishes that I was there to shoot for the website were made of concrete. I could easily see kids doinking their heads on them pretty hard while goofing around.

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