Day 11: More Idaho

Tonight, I had the good fortune to get together with fellow Flickr-ite (Roadsidepictures) that I hadn’t met before. What was supposed to be a half hour break, turned into a fun all-nighter — so this blog posting is a day late.

I got a lot done in Idaho. The predetermined stops mostly hugged the interstate, with a couple of time-consuming exceptions. The weather, once again, was hot but otherwise perfect. At night a cool breeze came in and it was really a lovely relief.

For years, I had wanted to see dinosaur in Bliss, ID (a photo of it over at the agilitynut Flickr account). He stands next to this rock & gift shop which looks like it’s been closed for years.


Across the street, the Oxbow Cafe is also now closed. According to Roadsidepictures, there was a food poisoning incident and that did them in.


Still standing next to the former restaurant, there is a smaller dinosaur. After taking my photos of him, I noticed that he seemed to be smiling at Sparkle & the kids. The rock shop is visible in the background with the bigger dinosaur at the far right.


Next to the boarded up Oxbow, there’s a gas station still hanging on. These storage tanks are located behind it:


In Boise, I noticed this Jack in the Box. I’ve never seen one like it before. I don’t know if it’s a new style or just something uniquely created for this location.


One of Fixie’s endearing habits is letting me know when she needs petting by waving at me. She only ever does this in the van. It’s a very slow motion wave coupled with a desperate expression.

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