Day 1: NYC to Chicago

Today was a killer physically. Worked until 2am, left home 3am, and drove all day & am here doing this now at 1am. So pardon me if I’m incoherent. Arrived in Chicago late afternoon & got to a few things on my list. More importantly, got the dogs some well-deserved exercise after being cooped up all day. Here are a couple crude videos of them in action at Montrose Beach — a fantastic, huge, off-leash area right on Lake Michigan downtown:

The weather was hot (high in the 90s) and overcast until I got to Chicago. And then it got very dark and started to rain. Not great for taking pictures. So I could only get a few things done before we hit the beach.

Just a couple photos for the blog for today & then I’m hitting the hay. These two neat signs are not neat enough for the website and the agilitynut flickr account but I’m glad to have this venue for them. Both were “stumbles” (not on my list but things I stumbled upon) in Oak Forest, IL:


We’ll hit Montrose Beach one more time in the morning and then I’ll finish up a few things here in Chicago before moving on to Wisconsin. Here was the sunset on the river. Some dogs visible in the water — people on-shore are unknown to me. The water was incredibly warm. Usually there are pretty big waves which don’t phase Nik but the water was calm today.

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