Day 37: Fresno to Turlock

Fresno ended up taking up about 80% of the day. I had many things to shoot there. Still, there was no traffic, and most of the stuff was pretty close together. So I have no idea where the time went. More perfect weather. My fourth oil change of the trip — checked the odometer. Yes, more than 12,000 miles so far and I’m still about 3,000 miles from home.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the trip was that the Forestiere Sunken Gardens in Fresno was closed when I got there in the afternoon. Seems it had been open in the morning. My hotel had been practially across the street. Damn! That was something I wanted to see for many, many years. However, I know my pictures would’ve probably not turned out. I have not mastered indoor/flash photography with this camera at all.

I did find a dog park in Fresno today but little Grem found a gap under the chain link and was then FREE, free at last! The park was plenty big but, no, she had to see what was on the other side and then took off running. I’m sure this is how she ended up leaving her previous home(s). So I was hobbling the best I could on my still bad knee, all over kingdom come til she found something interesting enough to sniff/eat and I could nonchalantly snag her. Geesus.

This little devil is quite the chewer as well. Here’s what she did to one of my flash drives in her spare time when I wasn’t in the van. Although the plastic cover is now gone, it still works and I’m still using it — but not for anything terribly important. She eats pens for snacks if I’m not paying attention. The ink is just delicious. This dog has a death wish!


So, since Fresno is chock full of signs, that’s what I’ll be giving you for the blog today. I love these two guys (different businesses). The second of them was probably neon at one time but they’ve done a nice job with him nevertheless.


I wonder if this one has been the subject of any controversy over the years?


I did not know until now that Hopalong Cassidy is the mascot for Producers Milk. This signage is at their plant in Fresno.


This giant sheet music for “Amazing Grace” is on the side of a church building downtown:


This giant green thing really has me curious. It’s kind of like a leaf — but not. Does anyone know what it used to represent?


And lastly, a giant sign that was apparently part of a motel.

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