Day 33: Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood

I really cranked today to finish up the L.A. stuff. I can’t believe what I accomplished in the past few days. The rest of the trip will seem laid-back after this. No more mega cities with zillions of stops per hour. It may be less exciting, but I won’t miss the traffic. I really have to really trim things from my itinerary now. Only about ten days left and about half that time will be spent on the interstates hauling it back to New York.

The dogs were prisoners most of the day as Mama was an absolute maniac and there were few places to cut them loose. Poor Nik and Grem were driven crazy by the smells and sights of the ocean as we drove up Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu to Oxnard. I will make it up to them tomorrow somehow.

Just another Streamline Moderne building on the Miracle Mile:


And just another gorgeous apartment building in Hollywood:


Perhaps the most famous of all story book houses (the Spadena House in Beverly Hills):


A mid-century detail that’s probably not long for this world. This was originally a waterfall with multi-colored glass pieces. It was originally a bank, now a church, and there is talk of demo-ing the place for something bigger & better.


I haven’t seen these bushes in a couple decades. At least I know what this one is! Bottle brush, for obvious reasons:


There’s really not much weird about “Hollyweird” anymore — but at least I found this place on Melrose (technically in L.A.). The Max Azria clothes store features an art installation of tree branches shaped to look like curly hair:


Here’s a pair of nice rusty signs in Beverlywood:


I love all the product paintings in L.A. I don’t remember them back home.


And lastly, I have to include a Sunset Blvd. billboard. This one’s pretty sexist but I do love the giant bra add-ons anyway:

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