Day 30: The Valley

I was all over the Valley today, desperately trying to finish that section out. Still a couple hours left for tomorrow though. And then finally onto the meatier parts of L.A. which will take me considerable time: Downtown & south of there, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Westchester. Then I’ll do what I can further north for a couple days. But it’s now official: no chance for northern CA and I’ll have to prioritize the stuff for the long haul home.

I took the dogs to the Laurel Canyon Dog Park today. Huge amount of space for running. Although there is no swimming, this was certainly one of the nicer & biggest parks I’ve seen. I read that there are often celebrities there with their dogs — but I didn’t notice anybody. Not that I would as I really don’t go to movies or watch dramas on TV.

I’m going to keep it short tonight as I’m really beat from staying up extra late last night catching up from my night off. I may get together with some long-lost relatives tomorrow night which might make for a Flickr & Blog-less evening.

On with the photos! This department store had some interesting Mayan and/or Aztec decorations:


Later in the day, I encountered another interesting building with Mayan and geometric patterns:


This amusing sign with a giant paper airplane is located near the Van Nuys Airport:


This midcentury Wells Fargo Bank office tower is giant compared to its surrounding buildings. It’s nothing that special otherwise except that there is a huge faded mural on this one side:


An lastly, an old school stamp shop might just be a personal turn-on. I used to make and sell rubber stamps with a girlfriend for about three years. We had a little business called Detailed Rubber Stamps and did wholesale and retail. I worked my butt off in a dark basement making the stamps in a vulcanizer and cutting/sanding the wooden mounts. Since we were into producing offbeat stuff rather than teddy bears, we barely broke even. Most stamps these days are made cheaply out of photopolymer (plastic) rather than rubber. Stores like this are definitely a vanishing breed:

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