Day 21: Orange County

I covered a lot of ground today (never enough) but took a lot of time-outs for the dogs. Huntington Beach has a mile of beach coastline just for dogs so we just had to go there:

I normally don’t bring the camera with me into these dogs parks & beaches since I’m afraid I’ll drop it or get it slimed up with greasy dog treats. So here, at least, is a photo of a building next to the Costa Mesa Bark Park ( which was a lot of fun. The artwork identifies each of the local dogs by name.

So everybody got a lot of running in. Nik went into the ocean a bit but then got frightened by some big waves (maybe 3-4 footers) and we waited for his ballie to return by itself. Grem didn’t understand tides at all and got submerged a bit. Fixie flirted and got petted with all the people that would have her. And Grip stayed close to me for tricks and handouts (gourmet-quality cheddar today that I’m a little reluctant to share).

Nik isn’t the cuddling kind but Grem always acts like he’s her boyfriend and he tolerates it. She just goes over and flops down against him like they have been lovers for years (she’s been with us three months). They do play together — but only when he wants to. Anyway, here’s a passenger seat photo of Nik & Grem after today’s big beach adventure. I guess Nik was still a bit cold from the water and was enjoying having her there.


On with the roadside stuff!

The Alibaba Motel in Costa Mesa has a huge gold dome and neat details:


The Yost Theatre in Santa Ana was being restored while I was there today:


I paid a visit to the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. It lived up to its reputation of amazing-ness:


Vodie’s Wheel Alignment in Garden Grove had something I had never seen before: a giant pit with these lifts that you (they?) drive cars onto so they can work on them from below. Kind of like an oil change place but with more pit than ground floor. It seems a little scary to me.


The Grove Motel in Garden Grove has a big fun sign. I love the silly little arrow at the right. But what of those white poles — what might they have supported? And who knows what the original name of this place was?


In Stanton, the Tahiti Motel sign looks like it’s been reworked a few times. But I do like the star on top (and so does this pigeon).


The Benkey Pool Center in Anaheim has another star/sputnik on top. I couldn’t figure out if there might have been lights in those tubes.


Time for a little nature break. California is more beautiful than I remembered. I’m SO ready to move back here — but as long as I have that good-paying job and that cheap apartment, I guess I’ll be staying put in NYC.


Now, these I don’t remember and I’ve seen a number of them on this trip. What the heck are they? I don’t think they’re dead — just pruned back and will regrow. But what do they look like then?


I love this little dairy store signage:


The Sky Palm Motel in Orange retains most of its classic look. I’m sure the signage was neon originally but at least they have retained the shapes. Much better than a box sign. The roof-as-canopy design is tremendous.


And, lastly, I found this guy in a store window very amusing. I had never seen a mannequin with tattoos before. When I looked more closely, there was clearly a stocking-like piece that fits over the arm so it resembles a tattoo. How clever!

17 thoughts on “Day 21: Orange County

  1. Welcome to Orange County! The trees are coral trees, pruned back and they become lush and leafy in a couple of weeks. And I want a pair of tattoo arm stockings real bad!
    –galechicago on flickr

  2. Hey there! Don’t think I wasn’t thinking of you. I was looking for red hair everywhere. Ah, coral trees — I see how they got the name. Does finding tattoo arm stockings count as finding something new on your turf?

  3. Hmmmm. Carson — not sure if I’m headed there in the next couple days. Will have to check. From MSN Live Maps “Birds Eye View” it looks like this is one of the chain of what I call the “fin” types. I shot two of these today, in fact. I’ll probably put one up at Flickr tonight. There are also some interesting variations around. I’m not sure whether they were altered or imitators.

  4. yes, it’s fin type. Remarkably preserved. SoCal abounds with these, but not so many as nice as this one.

    Well, it’s on my list so eventually I’ll get it. It’s so close to me I always say I’ll get to it eventually. There’s a fully functioning Foster Freeze nearby too.

  5. For all I know, both of them might be on my list already. I put together the lists and maps for this trip months ago. And I know what you mean about local stuff — I have yet to get to shooting a lot of NYC back home.

  6. Thanks. Grem thinks he’s her boyfriend. Nik thinks she’s a pest but kind of amusing. Hopefully, I can hang on to them both long enough for them to mellow into their golden years together. Hard to imagine either of them mellow at this point though.

  7. Love the shot of Nik and cute!

    WOW the Crystal Cathedral..can’t tell you how many Sundays I sat through a Robert Schuller sermon with my mom. It’s almost eerie how much his son looks and sounds like him!

    Great shots as always. You’ll be happy to know it’s just getting colder in the North East!!! *sigh*.


  8. So are the organ concerts spectacular in the Crystal Cathedral. Do they light it up at night?

    Glad that you like the photo of Nik and Grem. I try to only upload a few doggie shots now & then so as not to bore folks.

    It’s getting COLDER in the Northeast? I’m hoping by mid-April that it will be truly Spring.

  9. Just below freezing tonight. We need to get through this last bit of weather *fast* – I have seedlings ready to go out, and I won’t be able to move around in my kitchen soon with all of these trays around!

  10. Oh that’s ridiculous — both the weather and the seedlings. March is I think the cruelest month with that lingering cold. I’m making a mental note to always travel this time of the year to get away from it.

  11. should have clarified..we watched the sermons on TV…hehe…

    yeah, apparently, we’re getting MORE snow by the end of the week. It’s truly cruel.
    (I’m in Toronto, Canada).

  12. Too bad about the snow — I can only imagine how much the Falls is getting then. I got to witness that Lake Effect thing in December. I will certainly not be moving anywhere near that!

  13. i just discovered your blog, through flickr you have awesome pictures.
    I just wanted to let you know Vodies Wheel Aligment is in Santa Ana, CA. Apparently its’ been there since my friend’s mom was young and she’s around 50.

  14. Thanks — glad you are enjoying my blog & photos. Yes, I got a photo of Vodie’s for my website which you would probably also enjoy:

    I also have the agilitynut flickr account which has a sampling of what goes to the website. It’s gonna take me awhile to get the approx. 6,000 photos up at my website. Take care!

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