Day 8: More TX: Austin, San Antonio & elsewhere


The caption on this sign in Austin expresses my feeling exactly. It was another lousy weather day. More rain — and when it stopped finally in the afternoon, there were wild strong winds. From trying to keep water off the lens to trying to keep my hands steady enough not to blur the photos. This trip is a photographer’s boot camp!

Still desperately trying to get on schedule. I’ll be skipping enough TX stuff on my list to easily create another week-long trip. Hopefully, next year. Although I’ve been here at least three times before, it’s a damned big state to cover and I’m always finding out about more stuff to see.

Austin’s a great town for signage, converted gas stations, oh, and music I guess! There are lots of oversized, literal modern signs, as well as nice neon oldies.



How’s this for a City Hall?


And a great “food truck”:


Austin has an annual art car parade — and surely this must be one of the participants:


The dogs are always on alert — especially in the cities — for birds, motorcycles, men in uniform, people perceived to be approaching the van, cats, dogs, squirrels… all deserving to be manic-ly barked at. Grip is usually stationed in my lap and keeps an eye on the left side of the world.


There’s much to love in San Antonio. The canals, the architecture, the history… The tourists head for the Alamo and there’s great stuff to see downtown. But there are lots of other wonderful things on the fringes of the city that merit having a vehicle to get around in. Like these bus shelters:


and funky old buildings like this former store or showroom:


and signage galore:


these San Antonio signs gave me a good chuckle at the end of the day:

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