Day 3: Tennessee & Arkansas

A pretty productive day with some boring interstate treks between destinations. The sun was out for the most part which gave my photos a boost. The weather has definitely changed — down to my t-shirt for the first time in what feels like six months. Looks like some more sunny days ahead. I discovered yesterday that a headlight was out and took care of that today.

The dogs got two major outings today in addition to their numerous pitstops. In the morning, a church with a huge soccer field / picnic area. And then in Memphis, we went to check out Shelby Farms which has a huge offleash area for dogs with several lakes for them to swim in. The girls waded for tossed cookies while Nik was thrilled to thrash & splash with his Jolly Ball despite the water being pretty icy still.

On with the pictures!

The World Overcomers Church appears to be mid-century — but it’s too ugly by my standards to include at my website so I’ll put a photo of it here. What really makes this place special is the gigantic Statue of Liberty they have erected on the corner.


One of the things I finally got around to seeing on this trip was the guitar-shaped pool at the Days Inn in Memphis. This place is just down the block from Graceland after all.


And I had been meaning to shoot the little astronaut sign at Atomic Pest in Memphis. I was too distracted by the giant mouse on the roof the last time and forgot about the sign:


I went to Marion, AR to check out a pet cemetery that was part of the Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery. But the plaques were pretty dull and not worth shooting. No photos, no carved vertical gravemarkers. But right next to “Pet Land” was a special “Baby Land” section which was incredibly sad.


In Brinkley, AR there was this auto parts place that I suspect is a former theatre. Awfully elaborate for car parts and the curved structure and blade sign look awfully much like a marquee. Does anyone know the story of this building?


This is a neat little adapted sign in North Little Rock, AR. Unfortunately, the photos came out kinda blurry. I don’t know if it was from shooting at sunset or just shakey hands from worrying about the van getting sideswiped in the bad location I parked her in.


And lastly, alls well that ends well… these two girls are veteran travelers and know just when to sneak in sleeptime on the road. Grip, the oldest dog on the left, has been to over 40 states now. It seems silly that with my big van to stretch out in, most of the time, all the dogs want to sleep in the front.

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