Day 3: Even More VA

Lots of miles between destinations today. Got stopped by a trooper for speeding: 70 in a 55 on a four-lane, straight-as-an-arrow highway. Traffic was light, conditions perfect. I thought traveling behind someone else going the same speed was a good tactic but no. I don’t even know how much the ticket is. I have to call to find out — how silly is that! So now I’m crawling around at 55 which feels like walking. Out of all my traveling, I always get nailed in Virginia. I usually get one ticket per year here as a souvenir.

On to the pictures (my goal is to turn off the computer by 11 pm).

Here’s a beautiful ruin from Axton:


Here’s a puzzling sign from Alta Vista. It was located on a garage-like building behind a gas station. I don’t know if they were referring to employees or just people in general.


My first attempt at close-up photography. I must say, I don’t have the patience for it. Does anyone know what kind of butterfly this is? I haven’t seen one like it before.


And lastly, I present “Foamhenge”: a fun place in Natural Bridge. Not a soul around as the sun was going down. The dogs and I had the place to ourselves. More about it here:

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