Day 1: Ohio

After a long drive from NYC, I started this trip with stops in Youngstown, OH. Then it was on Cleveland destinations. I managed to squeeze in some things in Elyria, Medina, Akron, Canton and elsewhere as well. During this trip, I will be summarizing the day’s events here and posting some misc. shots that won’t be appearing at the website or at Flickr.

The weather started out gray and dreary but changed into much nicer blue skies by afternoon. Something’s up with my van’s A/C. Sometimes the fan works, sometimes it doesn’t. The cooling effect also seems limited even when the fan is working. I could take it to a repair place but I don’t want to lose a day — or even an hour — of precious picture-taking time so I’ll just have to tough it out. Luckily, Wisconsin has lots of water for the dogs to romp around in if need be.

One of today’s highlights: I was letting the dogs stretch & sniff near a high school. Usually, the girls stay right nearby while I hurl Nik’s damned ball a few million times. But I noticed them missing — they’d only been gone a minute. I peeked around the corner and saw an open door and knew that must’ve been where they went. Sure enough, they were wandering among the high school girls who were having some sort of swim meet. I’m glad Nik hadn’t discovered the place of he would’ve been right in the pool with them. It was embarrassing enough!

OK — on to some sights from the day.

some nice Art Deco detail from Youngstown, OH:

an abandoned gas station in Cleveland, OH:

an abandoned theatre in Cleveland, OH:

a nice old building in Elyria, OH:

Elyria has a lovely little downtown. Each of the intersections on the main street has these flowering baskets & light posts:

Question of the Day: When will we have satellite technology to replace all the wires and poles so that we may take pictures of puffy clouds, buildings, and signs without them interfering?

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