Noodling Around in Nebraska

A very cold day in Wyoming & Nebraska (high around 40 degrees). It started out sunny but very windy; then we had some snow, some hail, some rain but it was not as bad as yesterday. I’m running about a day behind schedule but sticking to my list. I’ll have to lop off some Illinois & Indiana stuff but I’ll be back there sooner since they’re closer to home. Two more days and then it’s back to work and the normal routine.


Not Quite Worthy

Much of what I come across on these roadtrips doesn’t quite fit into the themes of my webpages. Other things are not nice enough (e.g., overly remodeled, too common) to merit inclusion. This blog might be a good way to sneak some of them in.

gas pump graveyard (Pine Bluffs, WY)

Fox Theatre (Sidney, NE)

Fort Theatre (Kearney, NE)

White Horse (North Platte, NE)

Pawnee Hotel (North Platte, NE)

former bank drive-thru window, now Daylight Donuts (Kearney, NE)


Whaddya Call It?

Another attempt at audience participation…

Abandoned gas stations are one of my weaknesses. But I’ve always wondered — what do they call this style of lights?

OK — these are not called hay bales, right? I may be a city gal but I believe hay bales are rectangular. So what do they call these rolled up things? And exactly what are they composed of anyway — hay, straw, alfalfa…? Are they later turned into hay bales?


Roadside Amusements

I got a “warning” ticket for doing 81 mph (speed limit was 75 mph) and weaving a little (ok, so I was looking at the map). Better than a fine and real ticket for sure! But I always wonder, why all the paperwork? I will hang this souvenir on the wall at home with my other “warning” from Arkansas.

A nice abandoned truck stop with lots of good smells. These well-traveled pooches get to “explore” about twenty times a day on trips like this. A well-trained recall is obviously a must in my family: “Here!” equals cookies for the two girls and ballies for the boy.

A former bridge and section of the Lincoln Highway near Overton, NE. The passing train gave a good yank on the horn as I took this second photo.

2 thoughts on “Noodling Around in Nebraska

  1. When will someone make what cries out to be born: stonehenge recreated in abandoned gas pumps?

    If oriented just right in relation to a refinery with the gas burning off all the time, it’d look like perpetual sunrise over the heel stone-pump.

    Yes, I do think about these things…doesn’t everyone?

  2. Ace’s main female driver calls those bales “shreaded wheat before they shrink it.” If covered with snow, frosted shreaded wheat.

    Unfortunately the last few years the practice of covering them with white plastic to keep moisture out has caught on and they become glaringly distracting in a photo.

    They use them just as you see them, not broken down into smaller units later. As far as I know, they are “round bales”, or some similar phrase, and are hay.

    At the Kansas State Fair, there is a contest to decorate them as animals, etc.

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