Day 4: Little Head-Turners

Waiting for the sun to come up here in Warrensburg, MO. I’ll add a couple more photos before hitting the road. These two are representative of the many things I encounter each day on trips like this. While they may not be “worthy” of a photo or inclusion at my website, I give them a long look out the window anyway.

Recycled Drive-thru:

This is apparently a former drive-thru restaurant now in use as a used car lot. A perfect fit: ample office space and a nice big parking lot. It’s fascinating to see creative adaptations of gas stations, banks, signs, etc.

Car Wash:

I love these quonset-hut type buildings but they are getting pretty scarce now it seems. Modernists have terms for them like: “purity of line and materials”, “form following function”, etc. If you are the DIY car wash type, I’d urge you to throw your quarters at places like this. Preservation is often the byproduct of depressed economics, though it’s not so good for the people. However, it’s a delicate balancing act. If the money’s not good enough, the business folds and the building deteriorates. If the money’s too good or land values go up, they level and rebuild.

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