Yet More Recent Signs News (North Dakota to Oregon)


Let’s start with this one in Fargo, ND.  Yes, it’s gone.  The store closed in 2015 and the sign was removed soon after that:


Another one in Fargo, ND.  Still there but almost completely painted over around 2016.  The building now houses the Picked Parrot (bar).  Here’s the “before”:


and the “after”:




This sign was built in 1933.  It was located in Red Bank, NJ when I took this photo in 2007.  In 2009, the store moved to West Long Branch, NJ and the sign was displayed in the window.  By 2017, the store had moved again to Little Silver, NJ.  The sign is back in the window.  It’s so wonderful that a business has held onto this bit of its history:


This sign is located in Riverside, NJ.  The bar closed in 2015.  Last year, the bar was remodeled for a liquor store and the bottom part of the sign was changed (LIQUOR is spelled with neon tubing at least).  I believe the sign is lit and the eagle’s wings are still animated:





The Supersonic Car Wash in Albany, NY…


… was adapted around 2017 with backlit plastic letters and the bulbs were removed:



This sign was located in Buffalo, NY:


Last year, it was transformed into this piece of crap:



This sign in Lake George, NY:


was also disfigured with plastic last year:

This sign in Troy, NY is gone now.  The store closed in 2016 and the sign disappeared soon after that:




These signs in Middletown, OH hung above a vacant store for many years.  They were removed at some point between 2013 and 2017:

This sign in Toledo, OH was gone by 2017:

Another one from Toledo, OH.  This beauty was hung above a vacant space for many years.  It was removed in 2017 and wound up in the hands of the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, OH.  It will be cleaned up, relit, and displayed:

The Abbott’s Super Duper sign in Columbus, OH is officially gone.  The store closed in 2010 and a vinyl tarp covered the panel below the elephant for years.  The circus elephant which held a sack of groceries was removed between 2015 and 2017:


Another Columbus, OH loss — the Hillcrest Lanes panels were removed around 2017:



This business in Springfield, OR closed sometime between 2015 and 2017 and the sign was removed:

From Portland, OR.  At some point between 2015 and 2017, this store closed and the sign was removed:



And lastly, a bit of good news to soften the blows, the Guild Theatre sign in Portland, OR was restored last year.  Restoration of the theatre itself is ongoing.  Here’s what the sign looked like in 2015:


and now (yes, that’s NEON):



Back to the stove to cook up another batch for you this evening.

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One thought on “Yet More Recent Signs News (North Dakota to Oregon)

  1. Wow. Their position is vicarious, being older and retail, yet it’s always a shock when one of these signs goes. Thanks for archiving their history!

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