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More Recent Sign News (Pennsylvania to Tennessee)

Moving on to the “P”s now.


OK, sure, this sign in Erie, PA was already messed with… but there are not a lot of snoozing siesta signs left.  Once as commonplace a motel icon (rest awhile) as the diving women (we have a POOL!) signs.  This motel was demolished in 2016 and the sign was either removed or demolished in 2017.  There must be postcards of this one somewhere but I’ve never found one:

Another sign from Erie, PA…

… the strong man was repainted last year:

Street View images are pretty blurry.  Better photos of the beefcake here:
This embossed plastic sign was located at Pittsburgh Coating & Supply in Lancaster, PA.  By 2017, the store & the sign were gone:

This plastic Philco sign in Philadelphia hung above a vacant storefront for years.  It was removed sometime between 2012 and 2017:


My Rexall signs are organized by state within the five pages here: 

Here are two losses in that section.  These freestanding letters in Long Beach, CA were replaced in 2016 with plastic-faced letters:


This sign in Oshkosh, WI was removed sometime between 2011 and 2017:



The neon letters of the Crown Casino sign in Sioux Falls, SD:

have been replaced with backlit plastic:



This sign in East Ridge, TN disappeared at some point between 2014 and 2017:

This one in Kingsport, TN was removed around 2016.  There’s a Walmart there now:

This sign in Memphis, TN disappeared between 2015 and 2017.  The store is gone now, too.  The owner’s had one of the original panels proudly displayed inside.  This was a faithful replica:

I think I have enough steam for one more post tonight. Coming up…