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More Recent Signs News (Iowa thru Indiana)

Ready for some more?


This beauty in Belle Plaine, IA with embossed porcelain panels is gone now.  My photo from 2010 — missing at Google Street View in 2016:


The Plaza Lanes in Des Moines, IA caught fire last year and this incredible, animated rooftop sign was destroyed.  They say they may rebuild it but that’s extremely unlikely.


This Willie Wiredhand sign in Woodbine, IA disappeared around 2016.  Looks like the location closed.  If you’ve never heard of Willie, here’s info about him:



The Lytle Signs location in Twin Falls, ID closed.  This sign was moved to one of the warehouse buildings in back of the previous shop:

The Twin Dragon Restaurant in Boise, ID closed in 2016.  The sign was destroyed during the removal process.  Uff.  I loved this sign:


ILLINOIS — lots to cry about there.

This Fraternal Order of Eagles sign in Alton, IL is gone now:


Also gone — this one in Willowbrook, IL.  The bowling alley closed in 2016 and the sign was removed soon after that:


This Independent Order of Odd Fellows beauty in Collinsville, IL — you guessed it, gone now:

This one in Evergreen Park — gone.  The bakery closed in 2016 and the sign was gone by 2017.

In Homewood, IL — this one gone by 2016:

This one in Streator, IL — still there but disfigured.  In 2009, it looked like this:

Since around 2016 — “Lamp Lite Room” neon text gone, “Lanes” covered up, and boring paint applied.  At lest the lantern thingie is still there:


I never got around to shooting this Baptist Church sign in Chicago — what a shame — gone now:


This sign in Lafayette, IN looked like this in 2010:

As per Google Street View, by 2017, it was advertising for a used car lot.  The neon is gone but at least it’s kinda sorta still there in spirit:


This one was in Mishawaka, IN.  By 2017, the store had closed and the sign was gone:


That wraps up the “I”s.  I’m whipping up another post starting with the “K”s next.