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Read ’em & Weep (Part 2)

I’m updating the Signs section at my website now.  It will probably take another couple of months to go through all the pages and StreetView maps.  I’m methodically proceeding alphabetically by state.  Here are some of the tragedies and changes, from Alabama, Arkansas, and Arizona.

The Moon Winx Lodge sign in Tuscaloosa, AL was put up for sale in 2016.  Either the owner changed his mind or he didn’t get a big enough offer.  The sign was repainted this past September.  The neon appears to still be intact. The wording at the bottom of the sign was unfortunately changed and that neon is now lost.  The new paint (evergreen & turquoise) is not as nice as what was on the sign previously.  But glass 3/4 full, right?  Here’s my photo from 2007:

This weblink has a slider bar so that you can compare the old paint/new paint:
Fortunately, no significant changes otherwise for Alabama.  Moving on to Arkansas.

Sadly, this one-legged man (hillbilly?) in Green Forest, AR disappeared sometime between 2013 and last year:


This Frigidaire sign in Conway, AR was removed last year when the store below it closed:

The White Spot Cafe in Fort Smith, AR opened in the early 1950s.  “Skinny’s” was added to the sign around 2008.  The place closed in 2015.  The Burrito Bowl moved into the space last year and the sign was badly adapted (1st photo taken by me in 2012; 2nd photo below from Google StreetView):

There have been many sign tragedies in Hot Springs, AR in recent years.  Here are a bunch of before and afters (my photos & GSV):





This one was repainted but it could have been far worse — 2008:

From Robby Virus in 2011:


And then a bit of good news — my photo from 2008 below and then from this year (GSV) nicely repainted:


Moving on to Phoenix, AZ.  I just shot this sign in June and now… it’s gone:


California losses deserve their own post.  I’m cooking that one up right now.