Summer Trip – Day 10 – Northern California

This is the last post from this whirlwind Northwest trip.  It’s shorter than usual since I had to scurry back home to get back to work.

From Butte City — too early for sun but here it is anyway.  There’s evidence of yellow and green paint under the brown:

This one’s in Oroville:


In Carmichael – is that a rocket penetrating some clouds or what?


A couple of signs from Sacramento:


In Stockton:

And, lastly, since I was finally in Lodi on a weekday, I got to see the vintage signs inside the Vintage Reserve Garage.  Here are a couple of my favorites:



So, that’s it for this trip.  If you’re trying to figure out how to check out previous posts here, there seems to be two methods.  In the brown section at the bottom, there’s a toggle under “blog archives” where you can go to various months.  Or, if you’re at an individual post and you go just below the white section, you can advance to earlier or later posts via arrows next to titles.

Or a more convoluted method is via my Flickr stream just for blog photos where you can search through them via albums and keyword boxes.  Each photo there has a link directly back to the blog post where it appears:

As for non-blog photos — I’ve posted a sampling from each day of this trip at my other Flickr stream:

For the next few months, I’ll be quietly working on adding the approximately one thousand photos from this trip to my website.   Yes, if you didn’t realize it, my website is my REAL life’s work — well, the last 15 years worth of work anyway:

Happy trails!

dj & the dogs
happy to be chillin’ back home for awhile

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4 thoughts on “Summer Trip – Day 10 – Northern California

  1. DJS – so nice to see you and the pups (and Sparkle!) on the road again! Isn’t it funny, I feel teh same way, love being on the road, but love being home too. Too bad work gets in the way! Thanks for sharing these shots and looking forward to your continued postings on your website and Flickr.

  2. Hey ModB — Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, looking home to being home for months. The heat really zapped me on this trip. My Flickr stuff from this trip is up. It’s just the website stuff which will take time to add. When are you coming out Californ-yi-ay way?

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