Hot Hot Hot — Central Valley Wrap-Up

It was a killer hot day.  I was wise enough to run the dogs a good long while in the morning when it was in the 70s.  Later, I managed to find a bit of river for them to swim and stand in.  Sparkle’s AC was running all day long.  At one point, when I started the engine after getting gas, there was a loudish whirring fan sound.  It lasted a few minutes and then went away.  Hasn’t made the noise since.  But I’m fearful of what could happen on the big two week trip coming up.

Anyhow — let’s start in Yuba City at Mug’s Liquor.  Groovy 1960s looking building:


I’m fearful that when those “MUGS” letters finally droop off, that the store will get a new plain ole’ box sign:


From Marysville.  This locksmith shop is still open.  But please don’t say anything to Bob about this peeling paint.  You know it’ll probably go badly if they do repaint:


Also in Marysville and also still open.   If you speak to “Cotton”, tell him how much this faded paint adds grit and integrity to the sign:


Two more signs from Marysville.  This one looks like it has new panels.  I assume the sign is a replica of the original:


Last one from Marysville.  Probably early 1960s with that combo neon & plastic:


From Oroville.  The neon in these channel letters is long gone.  There used to be another sign on top of those little brand name signs on the roof:


From Chico.  Simple and perfect sign but not so great light.  With three font styles and 60+ year old porcelain enamel that continues to shine:


Let’s wrap-up with a couple of signs from Red Bluff.  Both which apparently never get turned off:


Although the arrow’s tubing is broken, note the waggly tail that was surely animated.  Also admire the wood grain letters of “Tip’s”:


I’ll be back posting before you know it.  My big two week trip of the year starts July 18 (counting the days!).  The dogs and I are heading to Oregon & Washington.  Hoping for a tad cooler weather, please.

Until then, don’t forget there are some other photos that I’ve posted over at Flickr:

Happy summer!

dj & the dogs

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7 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot — Central Valley Wrap-Up

    • Hi — I’m hoping to get to Vancouver, BC on this trip. But I don’t think I’ll have time for much else across the border. It’ll be hard enough trying to squeeze what I can out of OR & WA in two short weeks. I’ve made note about the Royal Hotel sign for future trips. — dj

  1. Wish I had known you were in town, I would have bought you a coffee 🙂 My bff and I are leaving for a road trip on Route 66 in August, any suggestions?

    • There is tons of stuff to see on Route 66. There are many books on the subject — and specific websites about Route 66. You can also use my website to find stuff. Just use the white keyword search box at the top of any page. Type in city names and you’ll find loads and loads of stuff. If you’re just into signs, you might want to explore the signs sections for each state. However, keep in mind that there are lots of signs that reside in different sections of my website (Eateries, Mid-Century Modern, Gas Stations, etc.) as well as subsections (see the boxes below the map at the main signs section) that you would miss by only exploring the states’ sections. Have fun:

      • Thanks, I think I’m into anything vintage or unusual in architecture of any kind or anything else for that matter. We’re going to be stopping a lot at antique and thrift stores. My bff is into anything 50’s.

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