Quick Hello from Ventura-ish

No, still no job yet.  But, boy, am I working my butt off looking.  All my stuff still sits in a dark storage unit in Northridge.  And with the holidays fast approaching, this roughing it may remain my lifestyle for a few months.  But the dogs are having a blast.  And taking pictures now and then sure cheers me up.  I took today (Friday) off from “the hunt” and am entitling myself to a three-day weekend to re-energize and organize.  Here are a few photos I grabbed yesterday and today.

I remember this tree in Oxnard from my childhood.  It’s always been this sparse-looking.  Some kinda pine I assume.  Can anyone identify it?


A post office in Oxnard:


A “Fighting Seabee” statue in Port Hueneme.  There are similar statues in Davisville, RI and Gulfport, MS.  The Seabee motto is “we build, we fight”.  That’s why this bee is holding tools and a tommy gun:


An excuse to take a long walk with the dogs along the beach at Port Hueneme.  This lighthouse from 1941 is still in operation:


On up to Carpinteria — the Coastal Liquor sign:


Up to Santa Barbara for a bit.  I noticed a couple lit neon signs at a little shop downtown.  They turned out to be modern — but this one is vintage.  From Los Angeles originally:


An oldie in Santa Barbara — I’m guessing 1920s/1930s:


There’s not nearly so much mid-century modern buildings in Santa Barbara as there are in Ventura.  This one is now a Days Inn:


Just down the street from the former McConnell’s Ice Cream Parlor and plant.  This guy looks in the direction of the cow that’s still on the roof.  I don’t know if he’s always been there and I just missed him.  I believe this building might have been part of the ice cream plant facility.  There is a cleaners there now facing the street — but maybe there is still manufacturing going on behind that.


This little guy is life-sized — perched on the wall of a parking lot downtown:


This horse statue is rolled out each day in front of Jedlicka’s Saddlery.  It doesn’t seem to be the standard fiberglass model.  He looks like he’s been patched up quite a bit over the years.  Apparently, he had a bridle originally.  And a passerby confirmed that he used to have a saddle.


A couple from Goleta to close out this post.  A former Rexall Drug sign — the orange and navy porcelain peeking through:


I have no idea how authentically vintage this one is — maybe none of it.   But the Indian piece does seem to be weathered.  I also don’t know what it read under that vinyl tarp:


I’ll probably spend the rest of my weekend working on my long-neglected website.  I still have thousands of photos to add from my spring & summer trips.  I really don’t need to travel for a while!  But I might make a trip down to L.A. one of these weekends soon to grab some things from my “locker” — and take a few photos.

Rather wistfully, I missed all the drama of Hurricane Sandy “back home”.  My old neighborhood never lost power — but my old workplace did and is still closed (nearly a week now).   I hope you all went unscathed or are now back on the path to normalcy.

16 thoughts on “Quick Hello from Ventura-ish

  1. I was thinking how the Universe got you out of town just before all this. Fairly remarkable. Great photos. There was a white horse exactly like the brown one shown here out side the Bryn Mawr Hardware Store in Bryn Mawr, PA for something like 70 years…but the place had been a saddlery shop before it was a hardware place . Interesting .

    • Thanks! Don’t forget there’s (always) more photos over at Flickr. Funny thing about these horses — they always seem to have that left front foot & right rear foot forward. This one seems to have a different mouth (for the bridle’s bit) — but still the same foot position:
      I’m going to have to take a closer look at him next time. He has to be fiberglass for the wheeling about when the store opens/closes Maybe he’s the same as the others — just loads of plaster.

      Yeah, I don’t know whether to read anything kismet-ish into my NYC departure. Maybe I was about to be hit by a tree branch. Right now I do feel like my future is in the hands of the gods and the employment agencies. Waiting for that door to open….

  2. ….you are back out west now,don’t fret about what is happening on the other side of the world,it is “Indian” summer out here,can’t wait for pictures from L.A. area, spent five years there,mostly in Redondo,Hermosa & Manhatten beach,you know the old saying,”there is no life,east of the P.C.H.”….

    • No, I don’t know that saying. This place probably won’t feel like home again til I’m employed! I’m hoping to escape the traffic insanity of the L.A. area (lived there for many years) by locating up here in Ventura County. I had a delivery job for many years and was assigned the PCH route from L.A. to Malibu. The job paid lousy but the beauty of the beach every day was pretty nice.

    • I was born & raised in SoCal so I know the PCH well. I was here last in 2008 and did a lot of shooting in the L.A. area then. You might want to check out my website for lots of photos:

      Or, if you just want blog links — my Flickr set for California has links under each photo to the blog post that they were used in:

  3. Great shots Deb! Being in central Connecticut, I fared well in this storm only loosing a small branch, I’m sure you know that others were not so lucky! Wishing you only good luck on your job hunt & your new life!

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