Day 9: A Dip and a Dent (Arkansas & Oklahoma)

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with fun titles when I’m delirious with exhaustion.  The “dip” means the little corner of Arkansas that we carved out en route to Oklahoma.  The “dip” also refers to a big swim-fest for the dogs.  We made a decent “dent” in the Oklahoma list.  About 1/3 of the way through it.  

Let’s start with Alma, AR.  Where the local sports teams are known as the Alma Airedales.  There was this rad-ly wrapped police vehicle on campus:



This forlorn sign is in Fort Smith:



A treasure trove of interesting signs in Fort Smith.  I have no idea what this whitewashed sign advertised:



We’re nowhere near cactus yet in Fort Smith:



Still Fort Smith.  In 2008, I took this photo is crummy weather:


I’m glad that I at least got that — because here’s what’s there now:



OK, a couple more signs from Fort Smith — bother open businesses:




This was pure bliss.  Especially since it was already in the 90s by 11am.  The Fort Smith Dog Park has FORTY fenced acres and a huge lake.  We were the only ones there!  Yes, all this is a dog park:


Grem and Fixie head for the floating treats on the water while Grippie stays close to Mama.


And my OCD dog, Nik, finds a nice muddy spot to play his diggy, diggy game.  “It’s getting away, no, I got it.  It’s getting away.”  Barking and fantasizing.  It would probably go on for hours if I let it.



Back to the buildings, signs & statues….  Moving on to Tulsa where I made very selective stops since I’ve been there a couple times already in the past couple years:



If you’re wondering what happened to the McElroy’s sign…  This photo from 2006 (sorry, lousy weather):



The building was demolished in 2010.  But the sign is stashed here at a business on Charles Page Blvd.  The owner has no plans for it yet.  The pylon piece which held the sign is also there.



This cute little former gas station in Tulsa will soon become a coffee house — or so the workers there today told me:



Two more photos for the night — from Bristow.  This former Firestone Tire dealer from 1930 was recently restored:


The building now houses the Bristow Body Shop.  This sign is apparently a modern creation, in an Art Deco style.  Note the little Firestone logo at the top:



Tomorrow, there will be some OKC stops & other cities nearby — then a big chug on the interstate into Texas hopefully by the afternoon.  Much coffee is planned.

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12 thoughts on “Day 9: A Dip and a Dent (Arkansas & Oklahoma)

  1. DJ,
    Glad the kids had a nice romp. Did Mama dip her tootsies in the water, too?

    Muffler Man? More like The Grim Reaper with his scythe.Creepy.

    Any station that calls itself a Fillin’ Station is OK by me.

    Happy Burger neon font is a trip. Love the Chef logo: what a nose!

    Cop car: Woah, Gnarly!

    That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy your coffee.(Maybe some pie?).

    • I’ll have to take a look when I get home. I barely have time to blow my nose on these trips let alone do extra credit research. 11:30 right now — just arrived in Amarillo — looks like an all-nighter at the blog & Flickr.

    • Have you been there? It was heavenly. Definitely in my top 10 — maybe even number 1. I’ve been to some bigger ones — but this was so beautiful and so nice having the entire spread to ourselves.

      • Definitely haven’t been there, just from the pics…would love to have anything close to that around here

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