Day 9: many miles in NC

It was a low volume day photo-wise in NC today. Way too much time spent driving between destinations.  Interstate and farmland with not so much stuff that was photo-worthy.  I went way, way out of the way to see a bottle house on the eastern coast.  Small as it was, it was still worth it to me.   Tomorrow, we’ll be in the Charlotte area and hopefully a very fruitful day.  Really need to wrap up NC as I’m officially three days behind schedule.  The SC & GA stuff will have to be scaled back to get on track.

According to one bank clock in the afternoon, it was 82 degrees today.  No wonder the dogs were panting.  They got their first mini beach run of the trip.  A boater told me the water was 49 degrees.  Nik swam for his ballies until he got full body shudders.  Grem got some swimming in – for potato chips (just little bits).  Fix and Grip were content to sniff and pee on the skanky shore stuff.

The key got stuck in the ignition again.  So that makes the third time.  I drove a couple miles and it was fine.  Stopped in at a garage to ask advice.  Yep, the cylinder lock needs replacing.  It might last a month, might go any minute.  The tumblers are stiff and/or breaking in there.  The garage was already backed up and it would take awhile to get parts as well.  I wasn’t going to give up such a beautiful day to sit around.  I hear there may be rain on Monday so I’m just trying to be gentle with the key until then.

On with the photos.  This neat mid-century modern Pepsi plant in New Bern is now closed.  I imagine the mosaic sign will be removed or destroyed when a new tenant is found.  I’ve never seen one like it before:


A neat old garage in Pollocksville (I think):

A giant tattoo gun in Jacksonville:

This Sears sign is in Dunn — looks brand new but obviously is not:

Around the back of a building in Sanford.  I couldn’t tell if there was a furniture store around the front side:

There are several Coca-Cola painted wall signs around Sanford.  I don’t know if any of them were repainted originals or if they were just painted as nostalgia recently.  I like this one the best:

At the end of the day, I went looking for an ice cream place in Ellerbe.  It was in my notes from long ago.  Nothing there at the address I had but at least there was this nice sign nearby:

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5 thoughts on “Day 9: many miles in NC

  1. You can get a graphite-based lock lubricant at any auto parts or hardware store – might be worth a try. As an alternative, I’d try shooting some WD-40 into the lock cylinder – just stick the nozzle in where the key goes and give it a little squirt. Not a great fragrance but it dissipates pretty quick. Might buy you some time if it is sticking from lack of lubricant. Of course, it won’t correct worn parts.

    Re Heilig-Myers Furniture – I’m thinking the chain went bankrupt several years ago.

    • Yeah, I’m familiar with the power of WD-40 and duct tape to fix just about anything. I carry both with me in the van! But I’m afraid to mess with the guts of my tumblers at this point for fear I’ll make it worse. I think it’s wear anyway. Just need to make it through one more day here and Monday I’ll have to give up the shooting time to resolve this. Heilig-Myers may be gone but there was another furniture sign in front of the building — just couldn’t tell at a glance if it was really still open. When I’m losing sunlight, I’m less concerned about little details like that for blog photos.

  2. Another thought… your key may be worn or possibly be a little out of tolerance, particularly if is a copy, or maybe even a copy of a copy. Try another key if you have a spare. A real locksmith can look at your key and decipher the code, and create a new one from the code so you are starting again with a first-generation key. Could be a combination of tumbler wear and key wear. Good luck!

    • Thanks for all your suggestions. This is the original key. I went to my local locksmith when I bought the van to inquire about making a copy. They said they couldn’t do it and I would have to go to a dealer. Dealership said they’d have to order one and it would be $150 — so I never got around to it.

  3. Sounds like your van has one of the anti-theft keys that has a microchip imbedded in the key. Bummer on the replacement cost.

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